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Bringing curves back into everyday life.


Bringing curves back into everyday life.

A straight line pushes through everything. A curve observes, listens, and finds its flow.

Burnett Creative designs functional sculptures notable for their detailed finish and tactile nature. By questioning the concept of movement, Burnett Creative develops forms that not only follow logical criteria, but are based on subjective associations to heighten the user’s pleasurable experience.

“Making art is a craft which is executed using clear individual rules and which should always refer to social reality.”

Carlton Apartments

Stone, Stainless steel and glass structure designed to allow the water to flow via the catchment bowl atop to create a fountain effect.

balustrade stair staircase glass texture textured handrail D 00009
Flagstaff Chambers

Mild Steel, Forged heat treated, blackened and waxed. Formed and slumped glass This wonderfull project started with the brief to create a contemporary and grand style entrance. Thus the staircase and reception followed. Working with six great clients in the same space always has its challengers though this also creates the best outcome.

Rosati Melbourne

A Melbourne icon from the '80s, Rosati's was a pioneer in the city's stylised dining scene. The open brief from its new owner in 2013 resulted in the fabulously textured, forged steel balustrading and tortoise-shell glass lighting.

Kevin Burnett

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